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Her postes all offisiell informasjon fra Samlerforumet!

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Welcome / Information & Guidelines - English

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Welcome to Samlerforumet.net!

To read or post on this discussion board, you need to register. Remember to use a valid e-mail address! This is used to activate your account. Remember that some e-mail filters/spam filters may block this activation mail! Please contact the Administrator at admin@samlerforumet.net if you encounter any problems with the registration!

Before and after you register, you agree to follow the stated guidelines and rules of this forum, published below. These may change without notice, and it is every users responsibility to stay updated with current changes!

EN § 1. Samlerforumet.net is not responsible for the content of its users posts, usernames, signatures or other content! However, the forum administrators and moderators will do their utmost to remove posts that are of illegal or offensive character, and violates the forum rules or Norwegian or international laws.

EN § 2. Samlerforumet.net's moderators have the right to remove any posts, without warning, posted in the forum. This will (normally) only occur if the post violates the rules stated here. Spam and commercial posts will also be removed without notice.

EN § 3. Administrators can remove user accounts (also payed memberships) if the user acts in violation with the forum rules or norwegian or international laws. In most cases the user will be warned and asked to give an explanation before the account is deleted.

EN § 4. All posts that in any way contains negative (discriminating etc) statements concerning a persons sex, skin color, religious view, sexual orientation or equal is strictly prohibited. Posts encouraging violation of forum rules or laws are also illegal. Violation of these rules will lead to the user's account being deleted. In serious cases the user will be reported to the police.

EN § 5. Your personal information (name, e-mail etc) will never be given to a third party. However, if a user is reported to the police for a violation, the police will be given this information from samlerforumet.net. As a user you agree to the fact that samlerforumet.net is not responsible if this information is lost due to hacking or other crimes samlerforumet.net can not be held responsible for.

EN § 6. Samlerforumet.net uses cookies to save information on your computer. These cookies does not contain any personal information og spyware, but is used for services like auto-login.

EN § 7. Please note, this website is for collecting and historical purposes only!

This page contains pictures of medals and symbols that some people may find offensive! These pictures must not under ANY circumstances be used for propaganda or for a political purpose! Please refer to the laws of rasism stated by the EU! The page and forum content is limited to use as a serious historical and/or collecting purpose.

All violation to international or Norwegian laws will be reported to the police, and users who fail to comply to the forum rules will have their accounts removed!

EN § 8. Before the forums "Buy/Sale" section is used, all users must read and agree to the stated rules.

EN § 9. All post published on this forum is the property of samlerforumet.net once published. A user can loose the right to edit or delete his/her posts without warning. If a user is banned/removed from the forum, post published by the user will normally not be removed! Samlerforumet has the right to refuse anyone to use the service provided for any reason.

EN § 10. It is illegal to choose a username that is offensive or in other ways inappropriate!

EN § 11. Some members of this forum want to remain anonymous! As a user you agree that it is not allowed to give out information in public about another users name/address etc. without the users consent, or if this user have published this information him-/herself.

We hope you will be/are pleased with the offered service!

Questions or feedback can be posted to Admin at PM (Personal Message) or e-mail!

Best regards,

Samler i hovedsak på norske medaljer/ordener (alle epoker) samt engelske og tyske medaljer fra andre verdenskrig!
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